Metal Dice

Metal Dice, Dwarven Metal Dice, Steel Dice, Brass Dice, Copper Dice

If you want some truly impressive dice, go for metal. You can get a full set of 7 polyhedral D&D dice made out of solid iron, with a brushed steel, copper, brass, chrome, or even colored finish. These dice are heavy and very cool. You can even get individual metal 6 sided dice if that's what you like.

Metal Dice are Totally Bodacious

Your fighter uses a steel sword. Your rogue uses a steel dagger. Even your wizard has metal-rimmed spectacles. So, why aren't you using cold hard steel dice when you play D&D?

Buy Metal Dice

You can buy Metal Dice at Game Master Dice. They have a huge selection of Dwarven Metal Dice from Crystal Caste for role-playing games like Dungeons & Dragons or D&D, or even board games like Farkle and Bunco. They also have some really cool stone dice, bone dice, inflatable dice, wood dice, and any other kind of dice you can think of.